Download the latest Magisk Zip (Magisk 21.1 Zip) and Magisk Manager APK (Magisk Manager 8.0.3 APK) for your Android device. Magisk is developed and maintained by the legendary Android developer topjohnwu and is the go-to choice for Android enthusiasts to root their device.

Magisk Highlights

Open Source

Magisk is completely open source and it’s source code is available in github. Anyone can contribute to it’s development!


Magisk is completely free. There are no hidden costs or catch to use Magisk. Can be used on any number of devices you want!


Magisk supports a wide range of devices; thanks to the fact that it supports Android version 5.0 and above!

Download Magisk Manager APK v8.0.3

App Name Magisk Manager
Version 8.0.3
Size 3.01 MB
Category Tools
Developer topjohnwu
Downloads 10 Million +
Supports Android 4.2+
Last Updated December 2020

Download Magisk Zip v21.1

File Name Magisk Zip
Version 21.1
Size 5.85 MB
Category Tools
Developer topjohnwu
Downloads 10 Million +
Supports Android 4.2+
Last Updated December 2020

What is Magisk?

Magisk is a popular Android rooting solution which comes in the form of ZIP file. The zip file is used to root Android devices. It is being actively developed by the developer topjohnwu. Magisk made it’s debut in 2016 as an alternative way to root Android devices other than the famous SuperSU by Chainfire.

The Magisk comes in the form of a zip file which can be flashed via custom recovery such as TWRP in order to achieve root on Android devices. Once you have flashed the Magisk Zip file via TWRP, you can handle the front end activities, including but not limited to manager root access, via an App called Magisk Manager.

What is Magisk Zip?

Magisk Zip is the core of the Magisk Framework where all the rooting Magic happens. The Magisk Framework which is responsible for rooting Android devices comes in the form of zip file. This file needs to be flashed via a custom Android recovery such as TWRP or CWM Recovery in order to root the Android device. Please note that Magisk Zip will only help to root your Android device. Unlocked bootloader and a working custom recovery are the basic needs to use Magisk Zip.

What is Magisk Manager APK?

Magisk Manager is just like any other Android application. Magisk Manager app acts as a front-end where you can manage and take control of the various aspects of the Magisk Framework. Magisk Manager also helps in installing magisk modules (more on that later!) which helps in enhancing the existing functionality or add new functionality to your Android device.

Magisk Manager was initially available through Google Play Store but was later kicked off from it due to what Google likes to call as ‘Policy Violation’. Ever since, users who like to manage magisk framework were required to download the Magisk Manager APK file and sideload the same on their Android devices.

What are Magisk Modules?

Magisk Modules are add-on zip packages which can be installed via Magisk Manager APK. In case if you did not know already, Magisk provides a way to systemlessly root Android device. Before Magisk, rooting an Android device or installing a MOD meant that you need to modify the /system/ partition of Android which will essentially void your warranty. But with Magisk, you get to root Android without modifying the system partition.

And Magisk Modules are no different. Every Magisk Module offers a different functionality and all the Magisk zip files can be installed via Magisk Manager. And the important thing is, you still get the additional functionalities without actually modifying the system partition.

Magisk Features

You can easily carry out system/vendor partition modification on your Android device without actually tampering them. That’s right, with Magisk, you are keeping the system partitions intact. This is the reason why Magisk is called as systemless root. Magisk only modifies the boot image and installs necessary files to the /data and /cache partitions without making any changes to the /system partition.

Magisk is Open Source. This may not sound like a big deal but it actually is. Unlike SuperSU, which is proprietary to chainfire, Magisk is open source and it’s source codes are available for anyone to develop further or add functionalities.

Magisk comes with Magisk Manager which is a front-end helper app which is really easy to use. It helps you manage root privileges (grant/revoke) and also manage the Magisk Modules (we will come to that in a bit).

You can easily install official stock ROM OTA updates if you are rooted with Magisk.

Some apps and games do not work on rooted Android devices. This is because rooted Android devices trigger Google’s SafetyNet Security Check. When an Android device is rooted with Magisk, there is an option that helps the users to hide the rooting functionality from Google’s SafetyNet Security check. More control to you!

Comes with a nifty little utility called as Resetprop which allows you to make any modifications to system properties, including read-only props.

How to install Magisk Zip?

Make sure to take a complete backup of your device before proceeding. Installing Magisk will root your Android device.

  1. Download the Magisk Zip file from the download section at the top of this page.
  2. Reboot your Android device into TWRP Recovery mode. The button combinations to do this varies from device to device. Make sure to use the right combination to boot into TWRP Recovery.
  3. Once you are in TWRP Recovery, tap on ‘Install’.Install-Magisk-Zip (2)
  4. Then select the downloaded Magisk Zip file.Install-Magisk-Zip (3)
  5. In the next screen simply swipe to begin installing Magisk Zip on your Android device.Install-Magisk-Zip (1)

That’s all. Now you have successfully installed Magisk framework (Magisk Zip) on your Android device. This process has effectively rooted your android device. Congratulations!

How to install Magisk Manager APK?

  1. Download the Magisk Manager APK file from the download link given at the top of this page.
  2. Make sure you have already installed Magisk Zip via TWRP recovery. The steps to install Magisk Zip are in the previous section.
  3. Copy the downloaded Magisk Manager APK to your Android device.
  4. Open a File Manager app of your choice and navigate to the path where you have copied the Magisk Manager APK file.
  5. Simply tap on the Magisk Manager APK file to start the installation process.Magisk-Manager-APK-Download (1)
  6. If this is the first time you are trying to install an APK file, you might be asked to change a setting. Simply tap on ‘Settings‘ when you are prompted.Magisk-Manager-APK-Download (2)
  7. In the next screen, enable the ‘Allow from this source‘ option.Magisk-Manager-APK-Download (3)
  8. In the next screen, tap on ‘Install‘ to begin the installation.Magisk-Manager-APK-Download (4)
  9. Wait for the Magisk Manager APK installation to complete.Magisk-Manager-APK-Download (4)
  10. Tap on ‘Open‘ in the next screen to start using Magisk Manager.Magisk-Manager-APK-Download (5)

Done! You have successfully installed Magisk Manager APK on your Android device. Open the Magisk Manager APK and start exploring more of Magisk.

Magisk vs SuperSU


SuperSU has been the one-stop-solution for all Android rooting needs for a very, very long time now. It was the only major player in this area until Magisk showed up. So, now that we have two major options, Magisk and SuperSU, you might be a little be confused on which one to use. So, let us give you a brief comparison which will help you make an easy decision.

SuperSU roots your Android device by making changes to your Android device’s /system partition. What more, it even adds some necessary files to the partition. This effectively jeopardizes all and any security checks that Google might have in place. Security checks such as SafetyNet and Forced Encryption will not pass and this will cause most of the banking/financial apps to not work on your Android device. These apps include Google Pay, Netflix, etc.

Magisk, on the other hand, takes care of every single con of SuperSU and converts them into Pros. Yes, Magisk does NOT tamper your Android device’s /system partition and does not add any files to it as well. Magisk roots your Android device by simply patching the boot.img file of your Android device. And that is the reason why it is called as systemless root. This not only helps in preserving SafetyNet Status but also forced encryption can be enforced using the Magisk Manager application. Magisk also has an option called MagiskHide which hides the root status of the device from required apps on your device.

With that being said, clearly, Magisk is the winner and it is the future of Android rooting ecosystem.

What is MagiskHide?

Magisk Hide is a feature available within the Magisk Manager app which helps in hiding the root status of the device form certain apps on your Android device.

You can turn on Magisk Hide from the settings menu in the Magisk Manager app. Simply follow the below guide enable MagiskHide option on your Android device and start hiding root status from apps.

  1. Open Magisk Manager App and tap on the Menu button at the top left corner of the screen.Enable-Magisk-Hide (1)
  2. Tap on the Settings menu.Enable-Magisk-Hide (2)
  3. Scroll down until you see the ‘Magisk Hide’ option. Make sure the enable the same.Enable-Magisk-Hide (3)
  4. Now, tap on the Menu button again and select the ‘MagiskHide’ option under the same.Enable-Magisk-Hide (4)
  5. Scroll until you find the app from which you have to hide the rooting status of your Android device. Simply tap on the checkbox next to the app to start hiding root status of your device.Enable-Magisk-Hide (5)

Done. You have successfully enabled MagiskHide on your Android device. Now, you can enjoy any banking app you want on your Android device while still being rooted. Awesome, right?

Best Magisk Modules

Magisk Repository has tons of wonderful Magisk Modules available in it. Here are some of the est Magisk Modules which we have handpicked for you.

Magisk Module Download
Google Framework
Dolby Atmos
Pixel 2 Experience
Google DNS
iOS Emoji
OnePlus Slate Font
EmojiOne Emojis
Hide Navigation Bar

How to Install Magisk Modules Zip Files

Manually Installing Magisk Module Zip Files

  1. Make sure you have the Magisk Module Zip file which you want to flash on your phone.
  2. Open the Magisk Manager App.
  3. Tap on the Menu icon in the top left corner.
  4. Tap on ‘Modules‘.
  5. Tap on the Big Yellow Plus ‘+‘ button at the bottom.
  6. You will be asked to select the Magisk Module zip file. Browse and select the same.
  7. After you select the zip file, press ‘Install’ if you are asked, to flash Magisk Module via Magisk Manager App.
  8. The above step will flash the Magisk module. Once the flashing process completes, tap on ‘REBOOT‘ at the bottom of the screen for the changes to take effect.

Downloading Magisk Modules from Magisk Manager App

  1. Open Magisk Manager App.
  2. Tap on the Menu icon in the top left corner.
  3. Tap on ‘Downloads‘.
  4. Once you are in the download section, search for the Magisk Module you want to install. The tap on the ‘Download icon’ at the right corner.
  5. You will be shown a popup asking for confirmation. Tap on ‘INSTALL‘ to install Magisk Module on your device. 
  6. Once you tap on install, the module will be flashed on your device. In the next step, be sure to tap on ‘REBOOT‘ for the changed to take effect.