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This module installs the latest of various GNU binaries I’ve cross compiled for android. This current includes (with toolchain used):

  • Bash (v5.07) (Linaro for arm64, NDK for others)
  • Bc (v1.07.1) (NDK) – also includes dc
  • Coreutils with advanced cp/mv (v8.31) (Linaro for arm/64, GCC for others) – includes extra patches that adds progress bar function
  • Cpio (v2.12) (NDK)
  • Diffutils (v3.7) (NDK) – this includes cmp, diff, diff3, and sdiff
  • Ed (v1.15) (NDK) – also includes red
  • Findutils (v4.6.0) (Linaro for arm/64, GCC for others) – this includes find, bigram, code, frcode, locate, updatedb, and xargs
  • Gawk (Awk) (v5.0.1) (NDK) – also includes grcat and pwcat
  • Grep (v3.3) (NDK) – also includes egrep and fgrep
  • Gzip (v1.10) (NDK) – also includes gunzip, gzexe, uncompress, zcat, zcmp, zdiff, zegrep, zfgrep, zforce, zgrep, zless, zmore, and znew
  • Ncurses (v6.1) (NDK) – this includes clear, infocmp, ncurses6-config, tabs, tic, toe, tput, and tset
  • Patch (v2.7.6) (NDK)
  • Sed (v4.7) (NDK)
  • Tar (v1.32) (Linaro for arm/64, GCC for others) These are all static binaries. Arm/arm64 compiled with linaro, x86/x64 compiled with GNU gcc

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