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Adds the KFMark daemon to your $PATH and enable it on boot. You can download the current version (Release 1.5) KFMark form Release page. If KFMark daemon stopped, you can execute this command in terminal to restart it: daemon.

KFMARK will allow you to profile and benchmark 3D games running on Android, and show current FPS on a floating window, giving you a direct indication of how smoothly the game is running on your device. You can optionally record a gaming session and get a complete history of FPS, CPU Frequency and Battery Drain. All of the benchmarking history is stored locally on your phone for you to review. KFMARK is compatible with Android 5 and up.

Download KFMark Enabler

To get the latest version of the Magisk Module, we always recommend downloading from the official Magisk Manager app. You can use the below method to download:

How to Download a Magisk Module

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Source GitHub
How to Install? How to Install Magisk Module Zip File

You may need to have the latest Magisk Manager APK and Magisk ZIP on your Android device for the best results:

Download Latest Magisk Manager APK and Magisk ZIP

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