Download Magisk Manager Apk v7.3.2 (Latest Version)

Magisk Manager 7.2.0 apk, the latest version of Magisk Manager, is now available for download. This update comes with several stability fixes and UI improvements to make the user experience more smooth.

Download Magisk Manager Apk v7.3.2 (Latest Version) 1

For those who are not in the know, Magisk Manager is an APK file which helps to manage the various aspects of the Magisk rooting system. Magisk is usually installed by flashing the Magisk Zip file via custom recovery. In some cases, that may not be possible and that is where Magisk Manager comes into play. Some devices with restrictions can be rooted by simply installing the Magisk Manager and using a patched boot image file of the device. There is also a normal method to install magisk directly within the Magisk Manager app.

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In this article, we are bringing the latest version of Magisk Manager APK, Magisk Manager v7.2.0 for download. Read ahead to know more and download Magisk Manager APK.

Download Magisk Manager Apk v7.2.0 (Latest Version)

Magisk Manager 7.2.0 Changelog

– HUGE code base modernization, thanks @diareuse!
– More sweet changes coming in the future!
– Reboot device using proper API (no more abrupt reboot)
– New floating button in Magisk logs to go to the bottom

Download “Magisk Manager APK v7.3.2” MagiskManager-v7.3.2.apk – Downloaded 14091 times –

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