Download Magisk APK v22.1

Magisk Manager 22.1 apk, the latest version of Magisk Manager, is now available for download. This update comes with several stability fixes and UI improvements to make the user experience more smooth.

For those who are not in the know, Magisk is an APK file that helps to manage the various aspects of the Magisk rooting system. Magisk is usually installed by flashing the Magisk Zip file via custom recovery. In some cases, that may not be possible and that is where Magisk App comes into play. Some devices with restrictions can be rooted by simply installing the Magisk App and using a patched boot image file of the device. There is also a normal method to install magisk directly within the Magisk app.

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In this article, we are bringing the latest version of Magisk APK, Magisk Manager v22.1 for download. Read ahead to know more and download Magisk APK.

Download Magisk APK v22.1 (Latest Version)

Download “Magisk APK v22.1” Magisk-v22.1.apk – Downloaded 133184 times – 6 MB

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  1. Tengo una versión anterior y no me deja actualizar instale con zip por trwp, como puedo hacer para actualizar? me dise que no se pudo verificar el paquete de instalación.

    • Maybe the older version you had installed on your device is not the official one? And that’s why it is not installing? The Magisk available on this website is from official sources. Try removing magisk completely and flash the official version from this page. Lemme know if you need more help 🙂


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