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Custom ROMs often don’t include the Google ringtones/notifications/system sounds and bootanimation, instead including numerous, terrible sounds and often less-than-desirable visuals. This zip installs the Nexus media for recently-retired Nexus devices, using the zip name (also reading from /data/.nexusmedia) to allow user choice, systemlessly installed (SuperSU and Magisk supported) or with an addon.d script to survive a ROM update or dirty flash.

Contains hammerhead, flo/deb, shamu, volantis/volantisg, bullhead and angler media, reading the zip filename for “hammerhead”, “flo” or “deb”, “shamu”, “volantis”, “volantisg”, “bullhead” or “angler” to choose (defaulting to bullhead).

Download Nexus Media

To get the latest version of the Magisk Module, we always recommend downloading from the official Magisk Manager app. You can use the below method to download:

How to Download a Magisk Module

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How to Install? How to Install Magisk Module Zip File

You may need to have the latest Magisk Manager APK and Magisk ZIP on your Android device for the best results:

Download Latest Magisk Manager APK and Magisk ZIP

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